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Today’s guest blogger is public relations, social media and marketing expert Carol Morgan.

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Today’s marketplace looks drastically different than it did 20, 15 or even five years ago thanks to advances in technology. However, with the rise in technology also comes the need to change your company’s marketing practices to be inclusive of the new technology that your potential buyers are using. Right now, that means adapting a solid social media strategy because more likely than not, that is exactly where your buyers are looking for and researching you.


However, while social media is important because that is where your buyers are, that may not be enough to convince you to start posting to Facebook or tweeting, which is why I’ve compiled my top five reasons you should be using social media.


  1. Search Engine Optimization– Social Media is just yet another way to increase your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Use your keywords in blog posts, then share these posts throughout the many channels of social media, optimizing them for keywords as you go along. Each social media profile you create is also another chance to use your keywords in the description/about section.
  2. Increase Traffic– Want more traffic to your website and your physical location? Social media can help you there too. By sharing information and links back to your website, you are encouraging social media visitors to explore your website, which will hopefully convert to a sale. Many companies are also using their social media profiles as a way to run exclusive specials that can only be redeemed in store.
  3. Branding– Are you losing potential buyers because they don’t know you exist? Beefing up your social media presence will put your name in front of buyers on a constant basis, as well as give you the chance to establish your brand as an authority in your field. By establishing a solid presence, when they do need your services, your name is more likely to come to mind.
  4. Reputation Management– You can proactively manage your reputation through social media. Ask you happy customers for positive reviews on an ongoing basis. If your company’s reputation is less than stellar, social media can also be a good way to restore your good name. By responding to negative reviews or customer service complaints, interacting with customers and just establishing a presence, you can do a lot to rebuild your reputation.
  5. Engage & Interact – Engaging and interacting with potential customers through conversations on social media sites helps to establish relationships and trust.  Social media is the perfect place for you to start meaningful conversations with buyers, and to help them when they have a problem. After all, people buy from people they like and people they know.


So, exactly which sites should your newly created social media plan include? I suggest starting off with the basics: a company blog, Facebook and Twitter. As you become more comfortable with those, you can then expand to other sites including YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Houzz, Vine, etc. Before adding a new site, make sure to evaluate whether or not using it is relevant to your business model, and if you have the resources to use it effectively.

If you’re looking to build an effective social media program that will establish your expertise, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.


Carol MorganCarol Morgan is the managing partner of mRELEVANCE, LLC and the visionary behind the nationally-ranked, award-winning She has established herself as the go-to-expert for public relations, social media and marketing across a variety of industries. Be sure to look out for the latest edition of her book, Social Media 3.0, coming out in June.



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