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Favorite Apps for New Home Sales and MarketingNew home sales is a rewarding career, but it can also be challenging at times. Even the smallest bit of help can make the difference between a good and a great day. Luckily, technology can provide us with more assistance than many people realize. Whether it’s a custom-built CRM system, or one of the apps we’ll discuss below, technology is moving fast and if we leverage it correctly, it’ll help us work smarter and become even more productive.

Here are a few of our favorite phone and computer apps for new homes sales and marketing pros. Some are fun, some are practical, but they’re all quite useful!


Have you ever met a potential prospect or business connection out and about, but didn’t have your business card on you? Did you resort to giving them your information verbally while they typed it into their phone? With the free Intro app from, once you’ve set up your About.Me account with your professional information (i.e. name, company, title, address, phone & email), all you have to do is enter a phone or email address for the person you’d like to connect with, and the app does the rest. Your new connection will have all the details of your business card in a digital format.


Do you often post photos to your community’s social media accounts? With photos being one of the most widely shared forms of social content, it’s important that they’re interesting, original or unique. With LiPix (free), you can create custom collages, frame your pictures with artwork, or add text and special effects. You can then save your photo and post to a number of social networks, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Like photos, video is a hot internet commodity. People love watching and sharing videos, so why not give your audience beautiful footage of your new homes or special events? The free Magisto app pieces together your photos or videos into a professional-looking video to which you can add a soundtrack and effects, trim, edit and share via social media.


GIF’s (animated image files) are another hugely popular form of content on the web. With GifBoom (free), you can easily create and share fun marketing pieces to spark engagement on social media. You can also make stop motions, time lapse, videos and photos from all sources, and share them with your online community.


There are a ton of ruler apps out there, but cost-free i-Ruler is very straightforward. If you’re showing a prospect a model home, and they want to know an exact small measurement that doesn’t appear on the floor plan, with this app, you can quickly measure the distance for them. You simply position your phone at the start point, touch the screen, and move your phone the length of whatever you’re measuring. If you are measuring longer distances such as meters or feet, you’ll need to upgrade to a pro edition; however, the prices are reasonable at $0.99-$2.99.


Most likely you carry floor plans when showing a community, either on a tablet or in paper form. But what happens when you forget them back at the office and you’re already on a presentation with a prospect? Instead of being caught off guard, simply whip out your smart phone and use the free RoomScan app. Get the dimensions of a room or house quickly just by tapping your phone to each wall. RoomScan gives you approximate wall lengths and floor area in metric, feet, inches and East Asian units.

Hemingway Editor

Have you ever needed to write copy for your website or blog, or put together a pamphlet, but your writing never sounds professional enough? Hemingway Editor ($6.99) is a desktop application that corrects your writing for you. It goes a step further than Word’s editor by catching wordy sentences, adverbs, passive voice, and dull, complicated words. Additionally, the Markdown feature turns text into HTML markup without having to write tags. Just export your HTML content when you’re ready to publish to the web.

These are just a few of our favorites. If you use an app that makes your job just a little bit easier, please share with our readers in the comments below!

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