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Email is an important component when communicating with your prospects, which is why you need to give it the attention it deserves. There are a host of things to do to make sure your email is effective, but it’s also important that your email looks good. After all, your email is a reflection of your brand.

Lasso’s new Design Editor is the fastest way for you to create responsive, professional-looking emails — without the need for a graphic designer or web developer.

With the majority of emails being viewed on mobile, making sure your emails can be viewed easily on smartphones and tablets is important. You don’t want to turn off prospects because they couldn’t read your email on their phone!

With the new Design Editor, you can drag and drop blocks for images, texts, or buttons to build your emails. You can also add styling and background colors to give your emails the right look for your brand. In a recent blog, we touched on 5 key ways to make your emails look better – all of which are built into the Design Editor

This new email editor won’t impact any of the existing templates that you may still want to use, but we encourage you to use it and experience how quickly you can build professional-looking emails in minutes.

There’s More!

In addition to the Design Editor, Lasso gives you a few other ways to build your emails so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

  1. Design Editor: select design components (content blocks) and build a simple template with images and content. You just need to have your images sized and ready to insert, along with your copy. The formatting is done for you.
  2. Basic Editor: use this editor if you want to create emails that are more text-based (sales process/follow up process emails) or for the design expert who wants to create more advanced emails providing more flexibility with styles, colors, tables and overall design.
  3. HTML Editor: create your emails using HTML code. This option is ideal when you have a designer creating the HTML for you and they provide you with the code.
  4. Existing Template: use an existing template, copy it and update with new content. This is similar to the existing editor, but with a fresher look and simpler format.
  5. Lasso Template Library: use a pre-built template from the Lasso Library. This section will continue to grow and be refreshed. Find some sales process templates or newsletter samples.

Email Editor in Lasso CRM

Get Organized with the New Template Manager

We’ve also made it easier to manage your templates. You can copy, move, and delete your templates more easily than before, and now have the ability to search and archive them as well. Now you can quickly organize and share emails across folders.

Manage Emails and Folders in Lasso

Try it out

We hope you enjoy the new email editor and template management functionality. Now you can take leverage the powerful lead management functionality that Lasso CRM has to offer and create your emails faster than ever before.

If you are a Lasso client and would like to learn more about the Design Editor, please contact Lasso Support or your Client Director.

If you are not a client, but want to see how Lasso can help you convert more prospects to buyers, contact Sara Williams to schedule a demo.


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