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Home Builder Fall To-Do's

There is always talk of the cyclical nature of our industry. New home sales tend to get a boost in the spring and fall when the winter and summer holidays are over. Schools, people and organizations are “back to business.” Even with increased sales activity, often because of it, now is the perfect time of year to invest in learning and leveraging CRM. Here’s why:


Your team is in work mode now.

They are paying close attention to their goals, activities and results. This is the time to show them how CRM can facilitate productivity and increase sales success. Once you prove the benefit, you’ll get the buy-in.

The holidays will slow things down.

It’s not just sales – salespeople slow down, too. After the frenzy of fall selling, they welcome the down time and time off that comes with the holidays. Use this time to get familiar with your new CRM, testing out templates and follow-up processes.

Be ready for the New Year.

New year, new resolutions, new goals. Give your sales team the tools they need to hit the ground running in the new year and start strong! By January, sales agents have begun their mental preparation for the year. Set them up for success with a new, easy, effective CRM. If you wait until January 1st or after, you may not see the results of CRM until the second quarter or later.

You’ve been meaning to.

You’ve had it on your to-do list to look into a new CRM system all year. We all know there’s no time like the present! This month, let’s tackle the most important things first – like implementing a CRM system that can increase appointment conversions and sales. Email us today at, or schedule a demo by clicking the button below.


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