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Vancouver Real Estate Blog recently posted an interesting video showing how IKEA used facebook (successfully) and created an engaged and interested following.

Updated Comment: The link below has been removed.  To watch the video created by Forsman & Bodenfors, go to YouTube or register and view online at

The question was  posed – think Real Estate Project Marketing – how could home builders and developers use the same concept and see success?

  • Do you see people tagging themselves in pictures of show homes and display centers? Telling you what they like best about the project. Which display suite suits their style? All their facebook friends would see the picture (of your project).
  • Do you run a contest to let everyone who tags themselves in pictures have the opportunity to win something? (again, everyone in these people’s circle of friends will see the pictures and learn of the contest).  Imagine the traffic that could generate to your sales center!

Maybe you can think of other ways this can be successful. The point is traditional ways to market real estate projects may not be as effective today as they were in the past. Thinking social, thinking viral and thinking outside the box is important for success.

I showed this video to a friend who has not jumped on the social media band-wagon and has dug his heels in a bit when it comes to facebook – his first response when I asked him about the application to real estate was these people probably wouldn’t necessarily be considered a target for the real estate project. Good point, but maybe one of the 130 friends that many of these facebook gurus have will be interested . . . it goes viral, there is no better way to spread the word.

What is the risk? There is risk, there always is, but if you plan it out and consider your options, you can minimize it and really have some fun. You may be surprised – this approach to marketing may just bring you a great ROI.

And, just to provide a little more ammunition for coming up with a facebook strategy – the fastest growing demographic group on facebook is the over 35 group!

Let us know what you think.

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