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Today’s guest blogger is new home sales and marketing strategist, Mike Blake. This post originally appeared on The Blake Group Blog.

Entering the Age of Connectivity

I think we can all agree that the use of the Internet to access information has not only changed how we acquire and consume products, but also changed the way we conduct our daily lives. A traditional “view of economic behavior is that the two most important activities are producing and consuming.”  Today, however, a new economic behavior of connecting to people, creating and distributing information has emerged. I characterize access to information, interacting with others, and distribution of information as the “connectivity age.”

Today, how consumers use information and multiple forms of communication to express themselves is a driving force behind changes in consumer buying behavior.

The question is, how do we adapt to the challenges of marketing and selling homes in this new age of connectivity? First, we must understand that the connectivity age has gained momentum with the proliferate use of smart devices. According to most technology experts, the use of connected devices like desktop computers will become obsolete in the next 10 years. Handheld smart devices are redefining business to consumer sales and, in fact, destroyed some aspects of traditional selling.

Consumers are using access to volumes of information found on the Internet to collect information, conduct research, compare options, refine a solution and in some cases, bypass salespeople all together. In fact, historic access to information has created an “information equilibrium” not previously seen before in history!  When buyers and sellers have equal access to information, the dynamics of the sales processes changes.

In more complex sales environments like home sales, equal access to information creates a sales environment which requires a more sophisticated set of selling and marketing skills to engage and influence buyer decision-making. Equal access to information changed the home sales environment in three significant areas.

  1. Buyers can wait until they are further down the buying cycle before making contact with a builder representative.
  2. The sales cycle has become longer.
  3. Onsite salespeople are at a significant disadvantage when prospects do finally connect with a builder representative.

A key aspect to thrive in this new environment is finding ways to reach, connect and dialogue with potential customers earlier in the buying cycle.  This process is best achieved through the Internet.  Companies that understand this challenge and develop activities to reach these prospects will thrive in our new “connectivity age.”


Mike BlakeMike Blake is the founder of The Blake Group, a new home sales and marketing training and consulting firm. As a committed home industry specialist with over 25 years of experience, Mike has received countless awards as a top performing new home salesperson, sales manager, VP of sales and marketing and company president. In a very short period of time his unique experience, education and knowledge has made him a thought leader in the industry and is a sought after speaker, sales and marketing strategist, executive coach and consultant. Sign up for the Mike Blake Group newsletter for upcoming speaking engagements and free exerts from Mike’s forthcoming book!

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