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Lasso users have always been able to track the success rates of mass emails. Now, you can track the same information for email activities completed from the Sales Center Homepage.

Why this is Important

Email tracking allows you to see open rates, click-through rates, forward rates and more. You know if your email campaigns are successful, and what to tweak for next time. Now, you can see if some of your individual emails are being opened, and which links were clicked. Sales agents will have a better indication if the prospect is engaged, when to follow up, whether to resend the email, or include different information in future communication.

How to Send Trackable Individual Emails

Only individual emails that are completed as an Email Activity from the Sales Center Homepage can be tracked. This means that an email template must be used to complete the activity. From the Sales Center Homepage, you can either select an activity that’s already part of a sales process, or create a new activity.

Email Tracking in Lasso


Where to View the Analytics

Once the Email Activity has been completed, you can view the analytics the same way you view the Mass Mail Summary. You’d simply filter the mass mails by Activity. Additionally, you will see the results of the mailing on the Registrant Details page in the Mass Mail panel.

Mass Mail Summary in Lasso

Note: Emails sent through the Mail Center, or activities completed from Registrant Profile, are not trackable at this time.

If you’d like more information about email tracking, please contact your Client Director.

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