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Many sales professionals shy away from working with different cultures because they feel inadequate when it comes to negotiating. We have been trained to protect the companies’ profits and know where our loyalties lie. However, negotiating is not an adversarial position which is where so many inexperienced negotiators find themselves.

When we gain understanding on cultural differences, why they want to negotiate in the first place or what negotiating represents in that culture, then we are better equipped to give the buyer the experience they are seeking. I have had the rare opportunity to visit and experience different cultures around the world and study how goods and services are bought and sold. We are one of the few cultures who shy away from asking for a better price when purchasing a product. Because of this, we often are offended when someone asks us to discount our product. We need to re-train our brains to see the buyers offer as an exciting “buying sign” and say “thank you.”

They have decided they want to own YOUR home enough to make an offer. The next step is to stay in the game long enough, with them, to facilitate their purchase so they can own it. Once we learn to take a different posture, we can actually learn to enjoy the back and forth for what it really is, an experience. Often it is the willingness to play the negotiating game with many of the cultures that creates an exciting purchase experience.

Just realizing that the HOME actually represents something entirely different depending on the culture, changed the way I approached negotiating. To the Indian culture the home is a Shrine, to their children, family, and success. The Hispanic culture buys their homes for a legacy to pass on from one generation to the next. To the Asian culture, the HOME represents more of an investment, so appreciation, tax benefits and buying as low as possible helps them realize a better profit at resale. While the American culture sees it as more of a dream. A dream that is supported by their core values that everyone should have the ability and opportunity to own their own home.

Just understanding this one simple principal helps give us better insights when it comes to negotiating.

About the author…

Mar’Sue Haffner is Partner & National Sales Trainer at Sales Solve Everything. She is a captivating and experienced Speaker and Trainer who offers a unique global perspective gained from her travels around the world. Her style is sincere, fresh and fun, and her audiences benefit from her authentic experiences. Mar’Sue is a Toastmaster and Keynote Speaker, having addressed countless crowds at National Sales and Marketing Councils across the country, Wordbook Encyclopedia, The International Builders Show, as well as local and national home builders.

Mar’Sue’s latest keynote is entitled “A Passionate Pursuit: Life, Liberty and Legacy”. Her favorite seminars to present are those which have the greatest impact on sales results including: Stop Being Out Negotiated; Psychometric Selling; Sensitivity and the Multi-Cultural Buyer; There is Power in Personality, Selling is a Romance Language, The Cheat Codes of New Home Sales and The Story Behind the Lines.

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