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Recently we introduced the Lasso Data Export Service. This service allows you to automatically connect your Lasso data to your favorite business intelligence software without having to create your own data warehouse.

For those using Tableau to create their custom reports, you can now embed these reports into Lasso.

Creating reports that answer questions unique to your sales and marketing teams is an important step to better understanding your business. By using the Lasso Data Export Service, you can directly access your Lasso data from Tableau and graphically display lead or sales activity. A picture is worth a thousand words and reports like the samples shown below* make it easier to see what’s happening in your business.

For more information about the Lasso Data Export Service or embedding Tableau reports in Lasso, contact your Client Director on how to get started.

Tableau Sample Reports

*These reports are not based on data from Lasso CRM, but are intended to give you an example of how using Tableau makes it easier to visually display data.

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