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As someone who has used a lot of email template builders (I mean, a LOT), I get it. Learning the ins and outs of another editor can seem daunting. Lasso’s Design Editor lets you create simple, mobile-friendly email templates with ease, but with a bit of know-how, it can become a versatile tool for enhancing your email marketing.

I’ve created a 4-part education series that will give you the confidence to create on-brand email templates that will definitely turn heads. As we move along in this series, topics will get more advanced, with the end goal of becoming an email master. I’ve broken each topic into short, digestible videos so you can pick and choose areas that interest you, or where your weaknesses are hiding.

Whether you are new to Lasso, or are just looking for a refresher, this first set of videos focus specifically on Lasso’s design editor, content blocks, style settings and testing your email. I will walk you through how to create a simple email template using content blocks. I’ve broken it down into 3 sections so, depending on your comfort level, you can choose to watch one or watch them all

Part 1 – Getting Started

Length: Ten minutes

In this video I discuss setting up a template folder and creating a new template. I then review all content blocks available and how to add, delete, duplicate and remove them. Lastly, I discuss the signature block and touch on sales rep tokens.

Part 2 – Building a Basic Template

Length: Seven minutes

I begin by discussing the full screen editor mode and then move on to adding a logo header image to my email. I also add content and a call-to-action button to my email. I finish off by creating a simple footer, complete with social media icons.

Part 3 – Style and Testing

Length: Nine minutes

This last video focusses on the style settings panel and how to get your email template looking on-brand. I review what each colour setting function does and how to change them including call to action buttons and links. I discuss using registrant tokens to inject your reader’s name into the body of the email, and I finish off by previewing and testing my template.

Hopefully these short videos will help to get you more familiar with Lasso’s design editor. The next part of this series, I will focus on the anatomy of a good email—discussing in more detail preheader and preview text, what makes a good subject line, header image and logos, footers, using alt text on images.

We’ll then move on to pixel perfect images, gifs and videos. We’ll get into simple HTML customization, and for the more adventurous, we’ll get into some complex HTML customization. Stick around, I’ll turn you into an email master!

Read Part 2 of the series Anatomy of a Good Email.

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