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Drive Your Weekly Meeting with a Sales Report

We recently read the article “Maximize Your Sales Meetings” from Myers Barnes, and couldn’t agree more with his approach to turning sales meetings into “power-charged thought sessions.”

For new home sales, the goal of weekly sales meetings should be to come up with strategies for converting the hottest prospects to buyers, and to determine which campaigns are working, and which need adjustment. Lasso can help with this (and with Rule #3 of Myers’ blog post) by generating your sales report in lieu of, or in addition to, an agenda.

With Lasso’s reporting options, you can include as much or as little detail as you’d like, including:

  • Last actions on hot prospects
  • Lead sources,
  • Mass mail results
  • Agent conversion ratios
  • Inventory availability boards
  • Media Spend
  • And more

This information can be pulled in any configuration of time – by day, week, month and year – to reveal trends in sales traffic. The real-time data will help managers make informed decisions to close a deal the next day, or to launch a marketing campaign the next quarter.

In line with our goal to make your job easier, select reports can be automatically emailed to a distribution list on any day of the week.

For your next sales meeting, be prepared with a professional-looking, complete sales report. Contact us to learn more.

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