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I think it’s safe to say 2020 has been an interesting year. Of course, we have all had our challenges. Some challenges were heart-breaking and some were actually positive and surprising. The housing market boom definitely falls into the positive category. And…we know it won’t last forever.

Every housing boom potentially creates some bad habits that if carried into a normal or down market, could be devastating. But if you want to thrive in a normal or tough market, then you need to master three skills before the market shifts. Those skills are:

1. Discover the buyer’s personal urgency – Instead of trying to push someone off the fence, find out why they are on the fence in the first place. Being great at uncovering person’s urgency will make you market proof.

2. Ask for the sale – In a great market, sales professionals don’t have to ask for the sale as much. This creates a bad habit where we wait for the customer to close themselves by saying something like, “So what is the next step?” Do not let that habit stick around in 2021! Start now by exercising your closing muscles!

3. Follow Up!! – As competition heats up and buyers have more choices in the marketplace, follow up will be a key advantage in 2021. And I am not talking about sending some lame email that you have three homesites left (#boring). Get creative. The goal in your follow up should be to re-engage the buyer’s personal urgency on an emotional level. In addition, studies show that texting and quick hit videos get far greater responses than emails.

Discipline yourself to create a habit of these three skills now and you will become market proof no matter what 2021 has in store!

About the author…

​As the former National Sales Training Manager for a Top 5 home builder and a licensed Realtor® in Arizona, Ryan Taft is consumed with a passion for helping others achieve breakthrough results in sales, business and life.

With a career spanning two decades training and coaching sales teams from call centers to new home sales to Realtors®, Ryan combines his knowledge of human performance, psychology and sales skills development to deliver extraordinarily engaging, energizing and insightful training experiences that drive peak performance at all levels.

Ryan is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and a frequent contributor to leading industry publications.

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