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The ability to calculate and determine the effect of marketing on sales is important. And the marketing team needs to be able to work closely with sales team with the common goal: Sell more homes. Closed loop marketing helps you accomplish this by uniting marketing and sales and allowing the team to put a process in place that combines key activities for both.

You won't have sales yelling “Where are my leads?” and marketing yelling “You've got 500 of them waiting to be followed up on!” Instead, it's understood what the process is, from when a lead first enters your ‘system' right through to the ultimate goal of becoming a purchaser.

Closed loop marketing enables you to track and manage your leads from start to finish. So you can analyze and determine your best lead sources (pay-per-click, search engines, websites, email, etc.) and track the leads from their source to conversion. Plus determine which lead sources get best results.

This is where your Real Estate CRM comes into play and is really important! Lasso's Real Estate Software will provide the information so sales and marketing can track their activities together. A CRM system is a key piece in the closed loop marketing process.

Standard sales and marketing processes can be setup to be automated and email can be tracked and monitored to see which leads are engaged and moving along through the buying process.
Using a CRM for your real estate project is important now more so then ever. There are a lot of options available to you with respect to CRM and here are a few considerations:

  1. Review your own work flow and your processes. How are you capturing leads today? How are they being followed up? What marketing campaigns do you have in place? What is working and what isn't. Do your due diligence to ensure that you don't need to reinvent your processes.
  2. Reporting – one of the key areas of importance with a CRM is the ability to report on the data. Using a CRM give you the ability to aggregate your data in one common database and simplifies getting the information you need for timely analysis and decision making.
  3. Tracking – by continuously tracking the response and effectiveness of a campaign, the marketing team can be far more effective in identifying the prospects' wants and needs and provide sales with a much better picture of not only the current purchasers, but the attributes that make up a purchaser of a new home.

Utilizing a Real Estate CRM such as Lasso, for standardizing common Sales Processes and Activities, prospect Ratings and Source Types, along with Email Marketing all integrated together, will help you in selling your new home developments faster and easier.

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