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Designing emails that look great regardless of the viewing mechanism is a challenge these days – many people are

Mobile Friendly Emails

reading email on mobile devices as well as their desktop. How do you design for different devices and screen sizes?

Here are a few tips to improve the readability of your email:

  • Stick to the “Keep it Simple” rule – the design of your email as well as the message should be kept simple. Try to avoid too much clutter and stick to a single column design as it’s easier to read.
  • Use a Preheader – often you see text at the very top of the email allowing you to view the email as a webpage. That text is called a preheader. While having a link to a web version is important, this is also a great spot to include the main point of your email and will give your recipients a better idea of the contents of the email before they open it.
  • Consider the readability and navigation of your email – make it easy for someone to click on a link in your email. Don’t put too many links together. When viewing on a small screen, it’s sometimes difficult to click on the correct link when there are multiple links close together.
  • Label Your Images – while some mobile devices automatically display images, others don’t. Always include an alt-tag so if your image doesn’t display, the reader can at least still get the gist of your message.
  • Choose colors wisely – small gray text may look great on your large monitor, it may not be easy to read on a small screen. Test out the email and see for yourself how it renders! Can you easily read it?

Consider these simple tips when creating your next email template and you will improve readability!

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