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Many of you know Dave Betcher; he is VP Sales at Lasso.  If you’ve had a demo of Lasso, or perhaps sales training, you’ve likely seen him in action and know he’s pretty passionate about what he does.  Dave’s an original Lasso employee and his commitment to our clients’ success is something that’s hard to beat.  In fact, Dave is passionate about a lot of things – his family, his dogs Drayden and Caleb, his friends, and . . . running.  Dave ran two half marathons this year and, in his last one, he was in the top 5%, with a time of 1 hour 32 minutes.  If you’re a runner you know that’s fast, REALLY fast!

At PCBC this summer, Dave met Michelle Jacobi, a Sales Director for CBH Homes.  Michelle has a successful career, a beautiful family . . . and multiple sclerosis.  She talked about having MS and she also talking about…running.  Running and MS typically don’t mix but Michelle is determined to continually challenge the disease and not let it stop her.  Dave was impressed with her accomplishments, her desire and her hope to find a cure for MS.  Michelle formed the team, Running for MJ, for the PF Chang Half-Marathon in Phoenix in January.  But it doesn’t stop there, later in 2013, Michelle will run in the MS Run the US – she is running a marathon every day for 6 days!  So you can see why Dave was pretty inspired.

MS is like a roller coaster; it’s got ups and downs and is pretty unpredictable. It’s a disabling disease of the central nervous system, and its complex. The disease attacks the protective covering that is wrapped around the central nervous system and it affects speech, balance, cognitive functions, amongst other things.  Every week, 200 people get diagnosed with MS in the United States alone.

Dave is joining Michelle and the MJ Rockstars this year in January to run the PF Chang half marathon.  Lasso is sponsoring Dave’s travel and accommodation for the event, plus Dave has committed to raising awareness and funds in the hopes of finding a cure – his goal is to raise at least $1,800 to support the cause.

Please consider making a contribution toward Dave’s efforts and cheer him on. Your support is very much appreciated – no matter the size of your donation it really makes you an ROCKSTAR too!

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