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Builder Partnerships' 2017 Executive Summit

Lasso’s Vice President of Sales, Dave Betcher, will present to a group of leading regional home builders at the 2017 Executive Summit, hosted by Builder Partnerships.

The event, called “A Peek at the Future: Revival of the Housing Industry,” will take place March 7-9 in Breckenridge, CO, and will focus on identifying buying and selling patterns over the next 50 years.

Builder Partnerships’ Chuck Shinn is the kick-off speaker. He will discuss how Millennials will drive the housing market for the next five decades, and the nuances of this group’s buying behavior.

Dave Betcher

Dave Betcher

Dave’s presentation, “Perfecting Your Online Marketing,” will focus on the online behavior of the modern home buyer, where opportunities exist for all builders, and how CRM is used to effectively engage and close online prospects.

Additional speakers include: J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman of Kantar Futures; Gregory Miller, Chief Economist at Suntrust; Neil Hughes of Ovation Core Consulting; Steve Moore of BSB Design; Lita Dirks of Lita Dirks & Co. Interior Design; Todd Ullom; and Rich Kashian.

Builder Partnerships is a unique networking organization for regional home builders and manufacturers, which a focus on increasing profitability.

For more information about the 2017 Executive Summit, or to register, please visit

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