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In the Lasso CRM white paper, 7 Steps to Rapid CRM Success, Lasso CEO Dave Clements wrote, “Technologies like CRM are not intended to replace people, but the companies who leverage technology for their people will surely gain competitive advantage over those that don’t.”

In other words, CRM is more than just software; it is a means to implement your business philosophy, and those who leverage it gain a significant edge over competitors who don’t. While individual CRM functions can be simple and straightforward, the system in its entirety must support your business processes in order to be effective. The first step is identifying your goals.

Business Goals

What are your specific goals and how will you achieve them? Have you studied your sales funnel to know how many leads, emails, calls, appointments, etc. it takes to sell one home? Identifying goals allows you to work backward through the critical steps of the sales process, and helps you identify the opportunities for CRM to streamline and automate processes.

Customers First

Your prospective buyer should be at the center of all your planning, communication and strategy. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to build and sell homes. It’s helpful to map your customer journey, or sales cycle, to understand the information prospects need at every stage. Then, set up task-specific sales processes in your CRM that include emails, notifications and reminders.

Data is Important

At its core, CRM captures data and helps you interpret it to build strategic customer relationships, which are at the core of any sales transaction. How is your data supporting your objectives? Is your database full of duplicates and incomplete information? Or is your data accurate and easy to navigate and reference? Clean data is necessary to generate powerful CRM reports that can help managers make enlightened business decisions.

The most successful homebuilders have already considered these factors. A CRM strategy is the next step to putting plans into action in a way that is efficient, effective, and profitable. As Dave has always said, “CRM is the technology ‘bridge’ that equips people with the tools to connect, build relationships, and compete in today’s evolving marketplace.”

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