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Emails That Get Opened
It’s been said that an email recipient will first look at the sender to determine whether an email gets deleted and then look at the subject line to determine whether it gets opened.

Using a familiar from name when sending an email is your first step to success and your carefully crafted subject line is next in line for importance. The following are a few tips:

  1. Keep your subject line to about 50 characters. Some email clients allow more characters to appear in the subject line but make sure the most important part of the message is in the first 50.
  2. If the “from email” includes your company name than you don’t need to repeat in the subject line but make sure it’s clear in either the from name or the subject who the email is coming from.
  3. Check your spelling – often the subject line is not part of spell check so don’t forget to pay particular attention that your subject line doesn’t include any typos!
  4. Create some urgency. Creating a deadline often elicits more action.
  5. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – avoid the use of all UPPER CASE letters and the use of exclamation marks. Not only does it look kind of tacky, it will trigger spam filters.
  6. Ensure that the subject line matches the content in the email and that it’s not misleading.
  7. Subscribe to other projects and communities and learn from your competition! Read headlines from online articles and newspaper. What catches your eye? Appeal to your readers’ need for information.
  8. Ask for response in your subject line. One of the best ways to generate interest is to ask for feedback and opinions.

The subject line may have the greatest impact on your email marketing success so it pays to take some time to get it right. It takes some time but it pays to get it right.

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