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With so much going on today, it is more important now than ever that as a leader, we need to provide people with the confidence and reassurance that they are making the right decisions. This is not easy.

In a recent webinar, Chad Sanschagrin with Cannonball Moments, Matt Riley with Group Two Advertising, and Dave Betcher with ECI Software Solutions, discussed approaches and methodologies to manage through these uncertain times to get to decisive actions.

Some takeaways from the discussion included:

  • Creating certainty: As leaders, we need to be the “beacon of certainty” for the people who work for us, our customers, and our social groups.
  • Messaging: Is our messaging and tone appropriate for where we are today? Review your current auto-reply emails and other sales processes to make sure the tone is right for the times. This is not a time for a hard pushing or fire sales.
  • Stay connected: You need to provide certainty to customers so staying connected is important. Whether it’s a video message or handwritten cards, personal communication is what sets you apart. And setting the right tone is imperative.
  • Operational excellence: Our systems and processes must be right to withstand the storms. It may not be 2008, but times are uncertain. If your systems aren’t running as efficiently as they should, now is the time to act.
  • Innovation: New circumstances require you to think and act differently. Using platforms like Zoom or GoToMeeting make it easier to connect with people remotely. (These tools can help enhance your sales going forward, too.)

“We as salespeople have been comfortable doing things the way we’ve been doing them for a while. The people that are going to have the most success are those who are able to adapt the quickest and understand that they will need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable for a little while.”

Chad Sanschagrin

Cannonball Moments

You can listen to the entire discussion on the Building Perspective podcast or on demand on the Lasso site.

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