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Last month in the Lasso webinar “Rev Up Your Social Media,” author and expert Carol Morgan discussed using infographics to convey or promote an idea in new home sales. There were several questions surrounding that topic, so we thought it would be useful to answer them in a blog post.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data that’s used to present complex ideas in a format that can be easily, clearly and quickly shared with others. Simply put, it’s a picture that explains an idea.

Why would I use infographics?

There could be a couple of reasons. In marketing, infographics are one of the most widely shared types of content. In general, visual content can help create brand identity, establish your voice, and promote engagement from followers. Consider publishing a fun infographic that demonstrates an idea that can be hard, lengthy (or boring) to explain – like the contract-to-close process. Below is an example from Keystone Custom Homes that shows the steps to building a new home. Now, isn’t this more stimulating than reading a bunch of text?

Building a Brand New Home Infographic


You could also use infographics to present hard facts and data, like sales activity over a certain period, to a group of board member or investors, rather than use the same old spreadsheets.

How do I create an infographic?

You can either create them yourself with do-it-yourself websites, or have your ad agency, marketing firm or graphic designer create them as they would any other marketing piece. If you’re up to the task of trying one yourself, several websites offer pre-built templates that can be populated with specific information and data. The sites vary in price and design options, and some even offer professional design services for an additional fee. Here are a few worth exploring:

For examples of infographics from all industries, or just for a bit of design inspiration, check out

If you are interested in having an infographic professionally produced, we’re happy to recommend one of our design partners.  Contact us at

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