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The past couple of weeks have been filled with uncertainty that has impacted all aspects of our lives. We’re all in this together—your prospects and buyers are feeling uncertain in the same way you are. Trying to find the best way to maintain connections with homebuyers during this time is challenging and requires you to reshape your communication strategy.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the new reality:

Keep the Communication Lines Open

The number one piece of advice is to keep selling but be thoughtful in how you communicate. Whether it’s leveraging virtual tours or appointments; it’s very important to keep in touch with your buyers.  While there is a change in how we are selling, it doesn’t mean we stop communicating.

Get Personal

Messaging is key and will set you apart from others in the industry. You want to keep a dialogue with your audience, but you need to find the right tone. Now is a good time to analyze the emails you’re sending and review the content—make sure it’s still relevant and applicable.

Some of you may have automated emails within your sales processes. The content or the tone in your automated emails may not be appropriate so you need adjust the process and make sure the information you’re sending has a personal, empathic tone. While it’s still okay for sales processes to be in place and have sales reps complete email activities, the automated email activities should be turned off.

When communicating, you want to provide assurances to your prospects. People feel a little uncertain, so you need to show and communicate that you are adapting to today’s environment. People gravitate towards people they trust. Building trust is one of the most important ways you can help your buyers right now. Share positive news! Talk about the construction progress that is being made on some of your homes or share the story about a recent buyer to your community – it instills confidence.

Shop Yourself

As marketers we don’t do this enough, but we need to understand what the buyer’s experience is when they receive our messaging. What does your auto-reply email say right now when people register online? Is it still relevant?  Since the auto-reply is usually read by most prospects, it’s important to evaluate the messaging to ensure you keep the continuity along with remaining sensitive about our current situation.

Be a Trusted Advisor

During times of crisis, it’s important that you’re seen as a trusted advisor. People are looking for answers from leaders in their organizations. Developing a plan that you can share with your team is important. Fluidity is okay! Things are changing daily so being aware of the current conditions in your market and adjusting as needed.

Anticipate the types of concerns and questions buyers are going to have. For example, buyers may come to you with reasons why they may or may not want to continue with a contract. Work through some of the objections and concerns your buyers have and talk openly and honestly. Always work with your buyers in an empathetic and personal way.

Be Human

It’s more important than ever for you to reach out and not be silent. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes—what tone and information would you like to hear during these times and translate that in your communication. Be human, be kind, and drop the standard ‘marketing speak’. Show your true self and show the compassion you have–that goes a lot further than anything else.

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