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Challenger Homes

Humble Beginnings

Challenger Homes has seen both steady success and rapid growth. The company began 17 years ago as a start-up in the owner’s garage. Through a commitment to making life better for local families, they grew quickly and diversified their product line. Today, Challenger Homes is the #1 builder in Colorado Springs, CO. The company is projected to sell 400 new homes in 2017.

Over the last few years, Challenger Homes saw a sharp increase in interest and sale activity due to a stellar reputation and positive reviews. Even though the sales team was busier than ever, like many builders, they continued to manage leads the same way they did back in 2000. According to Sales Manager Dwayne Cunningham, “There was nothing standardized. Everyone was left to their own systems.”

This included anything from sticky notes and note cards to mailing lists organized in Outlook. While the hottest prospects always had a high conversion rate, others were falling through the cracks. Many were perfectly qualified home buyers, but needed to wait 30+ days before making a decision.

Changing Habits

Challenger Homes recognized these missed opportunities. To convert more B and C prospects to sale, and continue their growth trajectory, they would need a centralized, user-friendly home builder CRM system that tracked all leads, kept the sales team organized, and provided analytics to management.

The team’s online marketing consultant, Kyle Fisk, recommended Lasso. While the management team was on board with implementing a new CRM system, the sales agents were indifferent. They were used to doing things their way, and changing habits is no easy feat. Lasso wasn’t difficult to learn, they just needed constant reminders and incentives to use the system on a daily basis.

“Once we demonstrated advantages and showed how Lasso could make their lives easier, there was buy-in,” said Fisk.

The Challenger Homes team started with only one follow-up process, a simple 3-touch schedule that sales agents could personalize. Agents were rewarded for tasks like entering data, updating history, and completing follow-up activities. Incentives were small but enticing – free lunch, gift card to a favorite restaurant, etc.

A Home Buyer’s Story

Within four months of implementing Lasso, all 16 sales agents were on board and using the CRM system regularly and with confidence. Teams report being more organized, and leads are no longer forgotten. The only incentive now is the potential of a new sale. Dwayne Cunningham shared this story of a non-responsive prospect who, through Lasso’s reminders and personalized email templates, became a buyer.

“One day last month, I was prompted by Lasso to send out a 30-day email to a prospect. I had left her a couple messages and sent some emails over the previous month, but I had not received any calls back or had any communication with her. Honestly, I had forgotten about her. I wouldn’t have been able to describe her in any way. She was just a name on my screen, blurred into the rest of the 30 people who visited the previous month. I sent the 30-day template after I customized it with details about the few remaining homes in the community.

The next day, a familiar face walked in and said, “Thanks for emailing me yesterday.” After seeing her face and asking a couple of questions, I put together who she was and what she needed. She even commented that she appreciated the personalized email. She ended up putting a hold on a lot, and closed within 45 days.

I’m confident that Lasso is responsible for this sale. Without it, this prospect would have faded completely off my radar.

Lasso has absolutely made a difference in how our leads are managed. It keeps me organized. I like that I can show up for work and I see what I have to do for the day. Leads don’t slip through the cracks anymore.”

A Plan for Growth

As Challenger Homes continues to grow with Lasso, they will add more follow-up processes to nurture different prospect types. Only four months in, and they are off to a successful start!

Watch the video testimonial below from Kyle Fisk, Challenger Homes’ online marketing consultant.

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