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Sales Measurement - CRM SoftwareWhat do you do after you send a mass mail to your prospective home buyers or Realtors and brokers?

Chances are you put a lot of effort into the design of the email, then you spend time testing the email and then you send it.  Right after you send the mass mail, you likely have a look at the quick stats to see how many people opened it, but what do you do next?

Often we see the regular blasting of a registrant list all with similar results over and over (in fact, sometimes with declining open rates).  A 20% open rate is not bad, but we think you can probably do better with a few suggestions on what you can do after you send out the mass mail (or before you send out your next email!)

    • Read and review the mass mail detail report in Lasso. You’ll see who opened the email, who clicked on a link, who unsubscribed, as well as who didn’t receive the email because of a failure.


    • Learn what the delivery failures mean and update your registrants accordingly. If you see that an email address has bounced, pick up the phone and ask the prospect if they are still interested in receiving information.  If they are, ask for a new email address.  A great opportunity to touch base with potential home buyers!


    • Make sure that the “From” email address in your mass mail is a valid address. Often when you send out email, you receive “out-of-office” responses and many times a registrant will reply with a query.  It’s important that this email is monitored and someone is responsible for responding.


    • Update invalid email addresses. These are the email addresses with a typo, such as “hotmial” instead of “hotmail”.


    • Try resending your email. Yes, you heard me correctly.  I’m suggesting that you send it out again.  But this time, don’t send it to everyone,  just send it to those who didn’t open it the first time.  You may want to change the subject line to include “Update” or “Reminder” or “Last chance . . .”.  We’ve had a number of clients use this approach (albeit, carefully – you don’t want to be sending email so often that you annoy people).  They have seen a surprisingly good open rate the second time around.


    • Have a follow-up email ready to go out. If you have a link in your first email about one-bedroom units and 75 people click on this link, have a follow-up email ready to go that provides further information and pricing incentives on one-bedroom units!


    • Plan some human interaction. We get so caught up in email today; however, it’s important for a human touch.  Use the mass mail reporting to follow-up with those registrants who haven’t opened an email in awhile, or maybe even those registrants who have unsubscribed.  Some people just aren’t into email.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t interested.  Don’t ignore them!


Follow these ideas and you will find that your email subscribers are more engaged and your open rates are going in the right direction . . . up!!  More appointments, offers and sales will follow.

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