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If you follow Kevin Oakley at Do You Convert, or online marketing trends in general, you know that Facebook Lead Ads have surfaced as a major contender in lead generation.  Facebook makes it easy and fast for prospects to sign up for more information, and early-adopter home builders have seen tremendous results with a reasonable cost per lead. (One of Lasso’s clients has seen upwards of 100 new leads a week.) By using a tool called Zapier, you can connect Facebook and Lasso so prospects are delivered immediately and seamlessly to your database. No manual entry or importing required!

Here’s what you will need:

  • A Zapier account
  • Ads setup in the Facebook Power Editor
  • Instructions to code and set up Zapier to receive leads from Facebook and send them to Lasso. In Zapier’s terms, these are called ‘Zaps’.

Skills needed:
An aptitude for software technology. If you create and execute Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, and you have an intermediate knowledge of HTML (e.g. you can make updates to your own registration pages and website), then you can do this yourself! You’ll need to contact your Lasso Client Director to get our step-by-step instructions.

Here’s what will happen:

  • When someone taps your Facebook ad, they’ll see a form pre-populated with information they’ve already shared on Facebook – like name and email address.
  • Once they click ‘submit’, their information is instantly sent to Lasso using Zapier.
  • A registrant profile is created in Lasso.
  • The sales agent will receive an email notification right away just like you would with website leads.

In many cases, Facebook prospects haven’t been to your website; they’ve simply expressed interest based on an ad they saw on Facebook. Your follow-up process should be different from those leads who have spent time on your website. The key is following up within minutes, so they don’t forget what they signed up for. Lasso’s Facebook integration captures this interest and allows your OSC or sales team to make contact immediately and begin the nurturing process.

With nearly 100% of buyers shopping for homes online, and Facebook claiming 1.71 billion monthly users, Facebook Leads Ads is a practical marketing strategy that’s getting results.

For more information on creating Lead Ads, read the article, “6 Steps to Creating a Facebook Lead Ads Campaign.”

To learn how to set up Facebook Leads ad with Lasso, contact your Client Director today.

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