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Lasso appointments and reminders

We are pleased to announce new functionality that helps you communicate better with your prospects. Appointments created within Lasso include an option to send a calendar invite as well as SMS (text) prior to the appointment as a reminder. With calendar invites and SMS reminders your appointment success will be higher, which means more sales!

We are introducing these new functions in the Sales Center Home Page, and they will be added later to the Registrant details page.

What it is …

Lasso users have had the ability to send a calendar invite to their prospects and sales agents for a couple of months. Now, you can schedule a reminder SMS (text message) to be sent to your prospect and agent(s) an hour before the appointment. This is a custom message for the prospect, and the agent receives a copy.

How it works …

From the Sales Center Home Page, click on the Appointment button and fill in the details. For detailed instructions, visit the Lasso Help Files, or contact Lasso Support.

Things to note:

  • The prospect’s primary email address in the Registrant profile is used for the calendar invite.
  • The sales agent(s) assigned to the prospect will receive the invite as well. The invite will be sent to whichever email address is associated to their Lasso account.
  • If more people are involved, you can add additional email addresses during the appointment creation.
  • The SMS will be sent to the primary (starred) telephone number. The phone type is not considered. BEST PRACTICE: always mark the mobile/cell number as the primary number on a registrant profile.
  • By default, the calendar invite is ‘turned on’. If you don’t want it sent, deselect the checkboxes indicating who is receiving the calendar invite.
  • Test this out! Create a test registrant and send a calendar invite and SMS reminder to yourself! See how the messages appear so you can refine and craft a message that works for you.

What this means for you and your home buying prospects …

If you are an Online Sales Counselor and make appointments on behalf of onsite agents, you can now send them an email with a calendar invite. NOTE: this is not calendar integration. However, it does create an ICS file so recipients can add the event to their calendars. Adding the appointment to their calendar provides an increased chance that a prospect won’t miss or forget about it!

Reminder texts are sent an hour before the appointment. Include your office address and any other pertinent details about the appointment. This keeps the appointment top-of-mind for the prospect and is a further reminder to the agent that the prospect will be in soon. Including a physical address makes it easy for the prospect to use their default map app to get directions. This added touch of professionalism reconfirms the meeting and further reduces the likelihood of cancellations.

Try it out …lasso-feedback-button

We want your feedback! As we further develop this functionality, we want to know what you like and where we can improve. Use the blue feedback button in Lasso and let us know.

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