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Building Consistent Sales Through a Systematic Approach

Dave Betcher, Lasso’s VP of Sales, is a featured columnist in the March/April edition of NAHB National Sales & Marketing Council’s publication, Sales & Marketing Ideas.

Use a Sales Process to Create A Strong Pipeline

In the latest edition of Sales & Marketing Ideas, Dave Betcher explains how creating a sales process can ensure that home builders and developers will always have leads to nurture, engage and sell to.

The article focuses on four key components of creating and maintaining a strong pipeline, while achieving consistent results:

1) Online & Digital Engagement

2) Coaching & Accountability

3) Work-flow Management

4) Analyzing Data

Dave discusses the importance of relevant content based on the prospect’s stage in the buying process, as well as email marketing and data management strategies and tactics.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

A properly planned  work flow or sales process is a bit like a playbook for a team player. The players have the skills and knowledge and the coach provides the plays to achieve success. Set goals and know your metrics so you can compare your activities with the actual results.

By providing all the content for the sales process, this aids in encouraging the sales people to implement and execute. Making it easy is key!

The following are some considerations when building your sales process:

  • Keep the sales process manageable to start. You can always expand as your sales team gets more comfortable. Starting out with 5-8 activities has a much higher probability of success over beginning with 25 activities.
  • Create different sales processes for different lead sources (e.g. online vs walk-in).
  • Email templates should be written in a friendly, professional manner but in the same tone of the sales team. Prospects can easily ascertain a marketing email in their inbox, you want your templates to appear as if your sales teams created it themselves.
  • Keep emails short with a clear purpose. You don’t want to just “check in” with your prospect but rather use every email as an opportunity to provide useful information combined with a call-to-action.
  • Define a process for all buying stages (e.g. register online, post-appointment, post-sale)
  • Decide your most important goal at the beginning. Trying to accomplish and improve on everything all at once may be become overwhelming. Identify the area you want to improve and focus on that initially. This could be increasing the number of model home appointments, or the post-appointment process and moving the prospect to the next stage.

It’s essential to provide customers with value outside of what they can find online. Buyers have high expectations and will control their journey unless you can provide them with guidance and influence. Being a trusted resource and building a relationship over time will help define you as not just someone that sells homes, but a valued resource that makes the journey simple.

To read the complete article, download the NAHB Sales & Marketing Ideas app on your mobile device. The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android. Search the keyword NAHB, then select GET and enable notifications.  

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