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​The way we shop for everything has changed. And new homes are no different. Today’s consumer wants to shop for new homes on their terms. They don’t want to be sold. They want an experience of discovery.

Read how UTour is redefining the new home shopping and sales experience through interactive, self-guided tours, automated lead nurturing and easy integrations with leading companies serving every aspect of new home sales.

What is UTour?

UTour™ is an innovative service that reduces friction in the new home sales process by making it easy for home shoppers to enjoy interactive, self-guided tours of new homes, models, sales centers and rental properties on their schedule, even early mornings or late evenings. It’s the residential real estate industry’s first integrated solution that combines on-demand unattended access and AI-powered voice technology using Amazon Alexa.

How Does UTour Help Home Builders?

In today’s environment, three main friction points keep potential homebuyers from ever visiting a community and touring homes. In fact, on average, 70% to 80% of home shoppers who register on a builder’s website never visit the community of interest in person.

The first friction point is convenience. We all lead busy lives, and the standard 10am-to-6pm sales center hours just don’t work for everyone. In a recent survey conducted with The Washington Post as well as several regional and national builders, 51% of home shoppers said they would be more likely to tour a home if they could do so before or after hours. UTour makes that easy.

The second friction point is sales avoidance. In a world where we can order most anything from our smartphone, consumers want to deal with salespeople only when they’re ready. The same survey said that 51% of shoppers also would be more likely to tour a home if they didn’t have to deal with a salesperson on their first visit. UTour gives them the freedom to tour the homes they’re interested in. Then it empowers them to engage with a salesperson on their terms.

Of course, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of social distancing has created another fiction point. Self-guided home tours offer peace of mind by protecting the health and safety of home shoppers and homebuilder sales teams as shoppers tour homes privately. They can even launch smart home features or get answers to their questions by interacting with Amazon Alexa devices throughout the home.

How Does UTour Integrate with Lasso?

One of the strengths of the UTour platform is the robust visitor and tour engagement reporting that it provides homebuilders. When a shopper schedules and completes a self-guided tour, their contact information is automatically fed into the builder’s Lasso CRM system, providing convenient access to vital consumer data, all in one place.

What is the Future of Self-Guided Home Tours?

UTour already provides a dynamic, engaging experience –– from setup and promotion to tour execution and follow-up nurturing. The platform is currently bolstered by integrations and partnerships with global leaders in new home marketing, automation, security and sales.

The future is even brighter because UTour is constantly evolving and adding new technology and capabilities. UTour is now integrating advanced AI technology, as well as smart home controls to enhance the experience during and after each self-guided tour.

So UTour’s clients will always enjoy a multifaceted lead generation service that gives the home shopper the experience they demand and gives builders more motivated, engaged leads to convert to homebuyers.

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About UTour

UTour’s roots date back to 2018, growing from a collaboration between NDG Communications, a leading agency in residential real estate marketing, and one of its most forward-thinking clients.

NDG and Brookfield Residential worked together to develop a system for unattended access tours, an idea that at the time was almost entirely in the world of rental properties. The effort was the first of its kind in the new home industry. With each success, the self-guided home tour experience grew and evolved until UTour was born, created to meet the demands of today’s modern home shopper.

Each evolution brought more capabilities and integrations, more benefits for builders and consumers. Now UTour and its partner Builders Digital Experience (BDX) serve an extensive and growing list of clients –– including a collection of Builder 100 companies –– who are seeing firsthand how interactive, self-guided home tours are bringing more buyers to their door.

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