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Anewgo Builder Tech Spotlight

Whether your focus is on building your reputation or generating more word of mouth for sales, providing your homebuyers with technology that enhances their buying experience is important.  We interviewed Angela McKay, Vice President of Customer Experience for Anewgo, how their technology enhances the buyer’s experience and how it integrates with Lasso CRM and MarkSystems.

What is Anewgo?

Many home builders and industry pros are familiar with Rendering House, a leading digital content company that has been serving hundreds of home builders for 20 years. As Rendering House evolved from a content company to a software platform, Anewgo was formed. Anewgo pairs digital content like interactive floor plans, sitemaps, virtual tours and renderings, with omnichannel web apps that allow buyers to find and design their dream home, while saving and comparing their favorites, all online.

Making it easier and more fun to shop for new homes online is Anewgo’s goal.

To complement the app, a leads and analytics platform, Insights, helps builders understand consumer behavior and preferences to drive more engagement and provide a tailored shopping experience for each individual prospect.

Why Anewgo?

Buyers are spending more time online. The growing wave of home buyers who are seeking to relocate to distant locales has only accelerated shopping online. Anewgo provides builders with a modern platform to showcase plans, and enable prospective buyers to interactively design, visualize, and ultimately, buy new homes online.

Buyers can start on the builder’s website and then save their favorite custom-designed plans in their personal “My Home” web pages. They can use the app to visualize colors and finishes (both inside and out), review floor plans and upgrades, as well as having a virtual tour to experience the communities and homes. The buyer can continue the process when they go onsite and use the app with their salesperson.

Online shoppers can save, compare and share their favorite plans and designs with others and Anewgo Insights captures the analytics and shopping journeys of the prospects.

How does Anewgo help home builders?

Anewgo’s apps make selling homes easier and allows the prospective buyer to navigate further down the sales funnel on their own. The Insights technology helps builders match prospects to their dream homes, predict consumer trends, and optimize their operations to maximize profits.

How does Anewgo help home buyers?

Buyers have become accustomed to doing most of their shopping online so it’s natural that they start online and have the desire to do as much as possible on their own. Anewgo makes it easy to provide an exceptional digital experience for your buyers.

How is new home shopping changing?

Without engaging interactive content, and the ability to really experience a builder’s homes online and understand pricing, a buyer will simply move on rather than contact the builder to learn more. Anewgo helps the builder keep prospects engaged.

Creating an online shopping experience with “buy online” capability will become more common. While a complete online transaction without sales assistance is likely not practical for buyers or sellers for most new homes, giving buyers the ability to fluidly move from online to offline and back, is what is needed today. Anewgo is on this journey with our builder customers to provide the best experience for the buyers.

How does Anewgo integrate with Lasso and MarkSystems?

Anewgo and ECI already share dozens of mutual builder clients. It’s often said that MarkSystems’ ERP and Lasso’s CRM are the bookends around Anewgo.

MarkSystems pricing detail for plans, options and lots can be automatically pushed into the Anewgo Apps so shoppers see up-to-date pricing. Keeping pricing and lot statuses in-sync across our systems is critical in today’s fast-changing pricing and lot availability market. Additionally, lead detail from Anewgo Apps is pushed into Lasso via a real-time API. The My Home and Sales Center Apps are often used by OSCs and Onsite Sales teams to engage and help buyers pick the right community and plan for their new home.

With an end-to-end API solution, the combined ECI-Anewgo platforms effectively create a data-driven closed-loop ecosystem. This provides an exceptional online/offline customer experience while generating valuable builder insights throughout each individual shopping journey.

To learn more visit, visit our website or request a demo.

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