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Builder Tech Spotlight Alloy SmartHome
We’re always looking for ways to up our technology game—2020 made sure of that! The shift in home buying behavior meant a shift in the technology builders need to remain competitive. We interviewed Victor Furnells, Vice President of Sales for Alloy SmartHome, about the self-guided tour technology and how it integrates with Lasso CRM.

What is Alloy SmartHome?

Alloy SmartHome is a division of SmartRent that provides smart home technology and self-guided tours for home builders. Co-founders, Lucas Haldeman, Demetrios Barnes, Mitch Karren and Isaiah DeRose-Wilson started by building a smart home automation platform for single family rentals that exists in over 25,000 homes spanning 15 states.

After years of platform iterations and a lot of innovation, the co-founders expanded the product offerings, integrations and hardware partners as well as the industries served. The rapid expansion is the result of our deeply-rooted passion for leveraging technology to solve problems caused by inefficient processes, and our dedication to providing the very best solutions to help our customers thrive.

How does Alloy SmartHome help home builders?

Home buyers are craving technology solutions that increase convenience and safety. Alloy SmartHome provides a smart home technology platform that creates an elevated living experience and enhances the home’s value to warrant a higher sales price. Additionally, it helps home builders to increase sales absorption rates and lead volume while ensuring new homes stand out with high-tech smart home technology built-in.

Alloy SmartHome can also help home builders optimize the buying experience through greater flexibility and availability with the integration of self-guided tours. Prospective buyers are given the option to tour homes on their own schedule, at their own pace and without a sales agent needing to be present.

COVID changed the world for builders in a significant way. How do you feel it has impacted the industry?

Even pre-pandemic, self-guided tours were growing in popularity. Knowing this, Alloy SmartHome began providing a solution that serves the growing market. When the pandemic hit, it only accelerated self-guided tours as a solution for prospective buyers to tour homes without an agent present.

Self-guided touring software has made it easy for prospective buyers to complete an in-person tour, while feeling comfortable and keeping agents safe as well. The self-guided tours product is very agile and easily moved from home-to-home. As home inventory is sold, hardware can be relocated to other available homes, allowing home builders to maximize the benefits of the software.

In addition, as technology has become a more integral part of our everyday lives, home builders have adjusted to meet the expectations of home buyers. Alloy SmartHome has offered home builders the opportunity to provide smart home solutions for a tech savvy and tech-centric generation of home buyers.

How does Alloy SmartHome integrate with Lasso?

A prospective homebuyer can easily schedule a self-guided tour online or even while standing in front of a model home. This provides immense value by increasing showing hours and allowing a larger prospect pool to tour. It’s easy for buyers to use (there’s no requirement to download an app), easy for sales teams to manage. and even easier to capture lead and prospect data that is imported to Lasso.

Once the tour is complete, the prospect’s information is automatically synced into Lasso, creating an easy follow-up process through automated end-of-tour notifications.

Self-Guided Tours is fully integrated to capture and record prospect touring data into Lasso CRM for lead management and automation. Once a prospect has entered their contact information and the tour is scheduled, an appointment record is created and synced into Lasso.

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