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Lasso is pleased to announce our latest webinar, featuring Paula Huggett and Jimmy Diffee of the Bokka Group.

On Thursday, November 18th, Paula and Jimmy will present a 30-minute webinar on how to use web analytics tools and importantly, how to understand and use the data!

The Bokka Group partners with builders and land developers to provide solutions which maximize online lead generation & cultivation. This includes everything from generating web traffic to informing & qualifying them via online sales strategies.  During the webinar, Paula and Jimmy will share their expertise and knowledge to harness the power of your data so you can become the online marketing superhero you aspire to be!!

Paula and Jimmy will present real-life examples and experiences to help you optimize your website, enhance your landing pages and understand the data your get from analytics tools.

View more information and registration detail here.

Lasso hosts complimentary webinars every 6-8 weeks.  Presenters have included Mike LyonMyers BarnesCarol FlammerJim Adams and Jeff Shore.  For a list of the webinars and to watch a recording, click here.

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