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Real estate sales expert Jeff Shore returns for another interactive and informative webinar with Lasso CRM on Wednesday, April 3, 2013. In this 45-minute session, Jeff will answer the elusive question, “Why do some sales professionals excel where others falter?” He will provide specific steps to begin building your “Sales Boldness” muscles while laying the foundation for setting and achieving breakthrough sales goals in 2013. Take a look at this YouTube video of Jeff describing the “Boldness Muscle.”

Jeff Shore is a contemporary expert in sales and sales management who provides training and consulting expertise to companies large and small across the globe. He is the author of four real estate sales books, including the best-selling Deal With It! and The 4:2 Formula: Getting Buyers Off the Fence and Into A Home. To hear more from Jeff, sign up for his weekly video newsletter at

Learn more about this webinar and register here today.

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