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Avoid the Summer Slowdown
5 Ways to Maintain Lead Flow through Database Marketing

While we love summer for all that it brings – warm weather, beach trips and cookouts – there’s one thing that we in homebuilding can do without – slower sales. With kids out of school and adults on holiday, our lead flow can slow to a trickle. While strategic marketing campaigns help, the answer is not always to spend more money. Look at the leads you’ve already paid for – those in your database.

Sara Williams, Lasso’s Director of Sales, shares her tips for “mining” the database to uncover potential leads:

1) Pull a list of prospects who have not been contacted in 60-90 days and have not purchased a home.

2) Look at your website analytics report and review the most active prospects on your website.

3) Run a report of your past appointments for the past 6 months or so, and follow up with those who have not yet purchased.

4) Search for those prospects who cancelled appointments or didn’t show in the past year and follow up to get them back in the door.

5) On your dashboard, review each rating list (e.g. As, Bs, Cs). Look at the last contact type and day, and see if they need to be followed up with. It may have been a while since you last connected with them.

As you pull these lists, think about the best approach to follow-up. More general groups – like those who haven’t been contacted in 60-90 days – could receive a mass marketing email. Prospects with whom you have a specific history (appointments) may benefit from a video email or personal phone call. As you send out communication, always schedule a next step or upcoming activity with every prospect. Better yet, implement a new sales process so that you don’t have to think about next steps.

If you need more help uncovering potential leads in your database, we’d be happy to help. Contact your Lasso Client Director or email

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