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We all know that social media is a powerful tool.  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin can all amplify your message

and create awareness of your new home communities and projects far beyond your circle of fans and followers.  Many websites and blogs are built with the ability to using social media tools to share information – for example, if you like a blog post, you can tweet it or like it or post it on your wall.

The following is a way that you can incorporate a request to “tweet” right in your email.  Let’s use the example where you want to send a thank you email to everyone who attended a Realtor event.  Include in that email a request to Tweet about the project.  But instead of just asking them to follow you, or asking them to tweet about you, you make it easy for them: you write the tweet, and include the link directly to twitter.

Here’s a Lasso example where we included the “tweet this” for an upcoming webinar featuring Meredith Oliver.  On the webpage and in the email, we have a “Tweet This Webinar” link:

When someone clicks on this link, here’s the message that comes up:

Your agents, prospects or purchasers can then tweet out your message.  Here are a few ways you can use this functionality:

  1. Ask your purchasers to tweet a message that they just purchased a home in one of your communities
  2. Realtors and brokers can tweet that your homes are selling fast!
  3. Create a contest to incent your prospects to tweet your message and include a link to ask others to register.

Include a specific hashtag to track who is tweeting so you can track results!

Do you want to try it out?  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Insert a “Tweet About Our Community” button or link in your email template.
  2. Go to a site where you can shorten the URL that you want to include in the tweet.  For example, maybe it’s your registration page, or a link to an online video of the community.  Google has a link shortener here –
  3. Add a hyperlink to the button or words to tweet, use the following format:

Test the link to make sure it works!  Send your email either as a mass email or individual email.

Questions?  Contact Lasso support for more information.

Learn more about creating your online message and social media during our next webinar with Meredith Oliver.  Learn more here:

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