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key with heartAs many of us know from first-hand experience, buying a home is highly emotional. Real estate sales agents sell the concept of “home” more than merely a house. In fact, during the buying decision, emotion is nearly twice as important as logic. To accomplish our goal and the customer’s, we spend most of the initial meeting exploring prospects’ motivations and desires so that we’re able to make that emotional connection. The question is – are you putting all this information into your CRM system so that their entire sales experience will be just as personal?

In order for a Customer Relationship Management system to be truly effective, we must maintain a focus on the customer, rather than our business or company. Otherwise, the result is what Lisa Earl McLeod, a sales leadership consultant, calls “sales mediocrity.” In a Forbes article titled, “Is Your Sales Force Being Sabotaged By Your CRM?” she writes, “Here’s the big mistake that most companies make: They tell salespeople to focus on the customer. Yet [their CRM system focuses] more on internal metrics and pipeline management. The result is mediocre sales behavior.”

If most of the information in your CRM is more important to the sales agent than the customer, how can you effectively sell to the customer based on what’s important to them? Yes, we need information like budget, timeline and floor plan preferences. But what truly matters to this person? What is at the heart of their buying decision? Is it being closer to family? Having a large yard for the dogs to play in? A hard-earned goal to achieve home ownership? This, above all else, is the kind of information that should populate your CRM, front and center. This is the information to consider before sending newsletters or making follow-up calls. This is what sells a home, rather than just a house.

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