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Email marketing is a primary communication strategy for most home builders – it’s effective, quick and inexpensive.  Lasso’s built-in mass email function is extremely popular – we distribute millions of emails each month to prospective home buyers, purchasers and agents on your behalf.

To accommodate ongoing improvements and enhancement requests, we are pleased to advise that, on June 12th, we will release a new HTML editor for template creation for mass and individual email.  The upgrade will provide more features and benefits immediately, with additional enhancements planned soon:

Immediate Benefits:

  • A web version of the email,
  • Mass mail test sends, and
  • Improved image and document uploading.

Enhancements to be released soon after:

  • Social Share (the addition of social media into emails),
  • An optional service for email rendering and spam checking, and
  • Enhanced template library.

Change can sometimes be frustrating

We understand that change, even for the better, can be frustrating and annoying as it may take longer initially to complete your emails.  For example, as you begin to use the new editor and make changes to an email template, you will discover a greater selection of buttons in the toolbar, and the original buttons are in a slightly different order than they were previously.

Getting comfortable with the new format quickly and easily

  • The existing editor will continue to be available until July 17th, but the sooner you begin using the new editor, the sooner you’ll be able to take advantage of its new functionality.
  • Webinars will be scheduled to explain features in the new editor, and to outline the differences between old and new.
  • These webinars will be available starting the week of June 4th and will be recorded for your future reference.  View training schedule here.
  • In the Help Center, you will find a number of documents, guides and videos to help you work with the new editor.
  • Our Client Support Center is available to answer questions as you transition to the new editor.

If you have questions in the meantime, please contact or call us toll free at 866.995.2776.


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