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An eye on TED: Lasso Review of TED Talk

The Interlace, Residential Complex by Ole Scheeren

“If form follows fiction, we could think of architecture and buildings as a space of stories, stories of the people that live there… and we could start to imagine the stories our buildings create. In this sense, I am interested in fiction, not as the implausible, but as the real, as the reality of what architecture means for the people that live in it and with it.”  – Ole Scheeren

As homebuilders and developers, we have the opportunity to help write the story of how people lead their lives. When someone comes home after a long day, how do the homes that we build welcome them? When a parent is getting his three kids ready for school, how do our homes make his morning a little easier? Does the beloved family dog have somewhere cozy and out of the way to lay his head? Are there opportunities in our communities where neighbors can meet one another, talk about news of the day, and invite one another for coffee or dinner?

In this TED Talk from September 2015, architect Ole Scheeren discusses his approach to creating buildings, and how the stories of the inhabitants drive his process and design. He creates inhabitant personas, and thinks about how they spend their days, how they would move about the building, and how the structure can enhance their quality of life.

Though Scheeren designs structures of a different scale, he raises poignant questions that anyone who builds homes should ask.

Have a look…

TED Talk_Ole Scheeren

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