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Lasso Review of TED talk

In new home sales, we are fortunate to play a unique role in the lives of our customers. There is often no decision bigger or more important in a family’s life than where to live. As salespeople, we have the opportunity to help them discover their needs, unleash their desires, and find the home of their dreams.

But “selling” is often less about price and features, and way more about having an inspired conversation, learning what motivates our customers, and explaining how our homes best fit into their lives.

It’s not always easy to have a great conversation. At times, it’s daunting. In the TED talk, “10 ways to have a better conversation,” radio host Celeste Headlee first breaks down why we need to be great conversationalists, and then how to become that. It’s a great watch for new home sales pros, or anyone for that matter. Enjoy!

Review of TED Talk with Celeste Headlee

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