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Got your attention?

And no, I did not misspell it! I mean great ‘Customer EXperience’. As we move further along the digital journey with our prospects and customers, customization and personalization are so vital. And when I say ‘customization’, I am not talking about options (although that is another worthy topic for sure!). I am talking about customization and personalization of the experience.

In today’s world, we all have been accustomed to our ‘Brands’ knowing us and understanding us, and catering to us, on our schedule and in a way that works for us. For example, we would be highly annoyed if Amazon closed at 6 pm. We would not stand for it and take our business elsewhere to a brand that understands our need to shop at all hours. And you all would be super annoyed if you had spent thousands of dollars over the years with a particular brand, and they are still marketing to you as if you are a ‘newbie’ versus a ‘loyal groupie’.

We expect brands to know where we are at in the experience, what we have already done, and anticipate what we might need next. We all have gotten better at creating ‘reach’ and new ‘eyeballs’ in the digital world, and it is incumbent on us to understand who these new connections are and how best to engage with them, and ultimately hopefully convert them to buyers. This means we need to know more about them—What market segment? What demographic? What have they already done on their journey? If someone walked in our sales center today, we would try to guess their market/demographic segment but often could be very wrong. And as we are working with prospects online, we don’t yet have the gift of that ‘in person’ sizing. And wouldn’t you market differently to a single female buyer/never owned a home/high income bracket vs a boomer couple/fifth home/solid income history? Why guess?

As crazy and frenetic as today’s digital world is for marketers, there are also some great gifts/tools available as a result. Today, we do know all of this information, so let’s use it to create great tailored experiences for our prospects (and customers). We will have a higher conversion rate and happier customers once they do buy. Now let’s all go out there and have more and better CEX!



About the author…

Melissa MormanMelissa Morman is a member of the original founding executive team of BHI/BDX (Builders Digital Experience) and currently serves as the Chief Experience Officer, managing b2b marketing, sales, and the customer experience. Prior to BDX, Melissa worked for ClientLogic, a leading provider of integrated infrastructure and CRM solutions as the Client Management Officer and also as VP Sales. Prior to ClientLogic, she spent 10 years at R.R. Donnelley & Sons in sales, global account management, as well as front line supervision. Melissa serves on the board for Vallecitos Mountain Ranch, a wilderness retreat center specializing in transformational experiences, as well as on the board of Texas 4000, a non-profit focused on cancer awareness and research. Melissa received a BS degree in Organizational Communication and Management Information Systems, Cum Laude from Ohio University.

As a woman at the highest levels of what has historically been an industry led by male executives, Melissa has a track record of success in the corporate and non-profit worlds. A sought after speaker, she is an acknowledged expert on sales, marketing, and CRM. Melissa advises top executives of Fortune 500 and smaller companies in the homebuilding, real estate, and building products industries on the digital transformation of their business.




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