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Parklane Homes Presentation Center

Presentation Center at Parklane Homes

We love sharing our clients’ successes and this one is close to home . . . right here in Vancouver, BC.  Our client, Parklane Homes, has created a Presentation Center that is not meant to sell homes . . . that’s right, it’s not a sales center of the standard variety!  It’s a center meant to showcase the 15-year master-planned community – River District.  Parklane isn’t building homes in this area; other builders, such as Polygon Homes, are building homes.  But it is Parklane’s vision and plan that will turn this into a vibrant community.  They have an interactive model and exhibit to showcase the area and the plans, and it’s quite impressive to say the least.  The center is also home to art programs, knitting clubs, yoga classes, movie nights and story time for toddlers. They even post favourite recipes!  It truly is a community center.

We think they’ve hit the nail on the head.  They are appealing to their market by offering great services and education within a really unique environment and building a true community.  And it’s working!  They are attracting people from all over Vancouver’s Lower Mainland to promote, share and potentially buy in the area.

While we know it’s not uncommon for sales centers to hold holiday events, River District has really turned it up several notches.  Is there an opportunity for you to turn your sales center or design center into more of a learning/community center?  How about cooking classes in the design center kitchen?  Or activities not just for the current owners but potential future owners as well?

It was really no surprise at all to us that this is an award-winning presentation center, as recognized in January at the International Builders’ Show.

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