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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Using Images Effectively in Email Marketing

Fall is almost here, which means new home selling season will soon kick into high gear! Be sure you are reaching out to your database with great-looking, impactful emails.

Email continues to be one of the most effective forms of communication for two reasons: it’s cost effective and it works. Seventy percent of consumers say they always open email from their favorite companies, and 91 percent of consumers report checking their email at least once a day.

Once you’ve gotten your prospects to open your marketing email (congrats!), the next step is to keep them engaged with a clean, appealing layout that encourages them to keep reading and take action.

On Thursday, September 18th, Lasso’s VP of Marketing Angela McKay presents a 40-minute webinar to show you how to make a big impact with images. You’ll learn:

  • Why images are important to email marketing
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of email usage
  • How Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and other ESP’s process images
  • Image recommendations
  • Cropping and sizing images
  • Easy image editing tools

Take your email marketing campaigns to the next level through the use of effective imagery. Join us!

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