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5 Ways to Save Time with CRM


A Customer Relationship Management system can save new home sales pros time by automating and streamlining necessary, but time-consuming, tasks. Here are a few examples:

1) Set it and forget it

How many leads do you get in a day? A week? Are you counting both walk-ins and online? Now, how are you following up with them? With a CRM system, it’s easy and fast.

Step 1: Create however many sales processes you need.

Step 2: Decide which criteria trigger those processes.

Step 3: Let the system do the work for you.

You’ll get daily reminders of exactly what information you need to send (including email templates and phone scripts!) and when you need to send it. One click of a button and you’re done!

2) Design, send and track emails from the same application

When you use a CRM system with built-in email capacity, you can send both individual emails and mass marketing emails with just a few clicks. Select a template you like from the library, drop in your own images and text, then select the individual prospect or list you want to receive it. No need to toggle back and forth between design software, your database and a 3rd party email service.

3) Automated lead capture, distribution and auto-response

This is a big one in new home sales. According to the team, 100 percent of your prospects are influenced by the Internet. You must be able to efficiently capture online prospects. In addition to the registration forms on your website, your CRM should integrate with multiple online listing directories. But it doesn’t stop there. With Lasso, for example, leads are automatically distributed to the agent or Online Sales Counselor who will follow up with them. That agent will receive an email notification that they have a new lead, and the prospect will receive an immediate auto-response from that agent. This all happens within a few seconds, giving the agent a few more minutes if necessary to send a personal follow-up.

Online Registration Process

4) Auto-distribute weekly sales reports

Have a sales meeting each Monday at 9 a.m.? Are you arriving to work super early on Mondays or scrambling Sunday evenings to pull together your sales report? With automatically distributed reports, you choose what information to send, who gets it, and when. Set it once, make sure your sales team is entering lead information daily, and you never have to worry about having your reports done on time again.

5) Send and organize communication between multiple parties

Real estate transactions are rarely a two-way communication event. There are several third parties to consider – co-op agents, lenders, attorneys, appraisers, designers, the construction team, etc. By adding all people involved to your CRM, and associating them with the homebuyer, you can keep everyone in the loop, and see an organized history of emails right there in the registrant profile.

These are just a few ways a homebuilder CRM system can save you time and automate tasks, freeing you up to focus on the most important thing – writing more contacts!

For more information, contact a Lasso team member here.

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