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On Your Lot Sales Tips

It’s hard to learn new things. As professionals, we develop processes and systems to serve us best. We learn by trial and error what works to organize our busy lives. But what if there is a better way? What if spending just a little time learning something new could help us become more efficient? This is what a CRM is made for.

Sales managers have a difficult job managing the different personalities and expectations of both salespeople and customers. Helping your sales team love the CRM can take the stress out of management.

Here are five ways to help them fall in love!

Make sure your sales team has proper training

Many builders have recently had a turnover on their teams. Make certain each new member has adequate training on the CRM. Even for seasoned sales teams, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. A periodic refresher important—register for a free WebClass or watch on-demand in the Support center, or sign up for training.

Identify a champion

Find a CRM Champion! Make sure there is someone on your team who is knowledgeable about the CRM and can be the go-to within your organization for questions. This person can be the sales manager but is often an Online Sales Consultant or even an onsite sales agent that is a whiz with the CRM.

Break it down

Your sales team doesn’t need to know EVERY part of the CRM. Highlight the top six basic functions you want them to master. After they learn those, you can expand their knowledge.

Understand the scope

The CRM isn’t only a place to hold names, numbers, and email addresses. Help your team understand how using a CRM can help them remember important facts about their customers. Do the customers have a 50th wedding anniversary to celebrate soon? Add it to the CRM. Do they need extra space in their new home for a disabled adult son? Add it to the CRM. Does the husband love fishing? Add it to the CRM. Great salespeople understand the value of remembering these small details to help better connect and serve home buyers

Celebrate wins!

It is no surprise that on most sales teams, the person using the CRM to its fullest capacity is often the power seller. Celebrate not only the sales but also the CRM usage. Make certain to reward those team members who embrace the processes set in place.

With a little effort, your sales team can love your CRM. Get the right system in place that makes it easier to follow-up and nurture leads so your team can be more successful.

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