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How to Convince Management to Use Lasso CRM for Online Sales

OSCs need a CRM that works as hard as they do.

Online Sales Counselors in the new home industry have a uniquely challenging position. Not only do you work tirelessly to convince online prospects that they should come in for an appointment, but sometimes you have to persuade your own management team to provide you with the right tools for the job. As many OSCs can attest, it’s a 24/7 job, and you need systems and processes that will help you work as intelligently and efficiently as possible.

CRM is a huge part of an OSC’s success, but not just any will do. The best OSCs in the country use Lasso for its lead capture and nurturing capabilities. If your sales manager is expecting an outstanding online lead program using a mediocre CRM, it’s time to put your salesperson hat on and have a frank discussion. To help, we’ve created this list of five ways to convince management to use Lasso:

1. Know Where Your Marketing Dollars are Going

Lasso not only tracks online leads from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle, it offers deep reporting on every bit of data, at every stage. You can see which marketing sources are working to bring in leads, but also where your buyers have come from. You can drill down the information so precisely that you know which advertising source worked in which zip code.

2. Access to Leads 24/7

No one is expected to work continuously every hour of every day, but prospects don’t know when you’re off, and they are often looking for an immediate response. Lasso’s mobile-friendly interface and email notification system make responding to leads quick and easy, no matter where you are. So you can actually have a personal life and stay on top of work.

3. Increase Sales

This is the bottom line, right? A correctly implemented online lead program will increase your conversions from lead to appointment, and from appointment to contract. It’s documented and proven. For more information, see Lasso’s webinar with Mike Lyon: The Power of the RIGHT Online Sales Program.

4. Eliminate Time-Wasting Practices

If your builder or developer has multiple communities, Lasso allows you to share information between developments. A salesperson can view a prospect’s profile to see if they’ve visited another community, what their timing and needs are, etc. so they are prepared with the right information. The prospect doesn’t have to go through the time-consuming task of giving their information again, and the salesperson doesn’t have to re-enter any data.

5. Build Better REALTOR® Relationships

Lasso has an entire set of REALTOR®-specific features. Co-op agents can be added to each prospect profile and kept in the loop of email communication with the click of a button. There’s no need to compose separate emails. Co-op activity is also tracked extensively, with reports showing how many prospects a REALTOR® has brought, how qualified they are, and how many have purchased. Targeted marketing campaigns to REALTORS® can keep the lines of communication open and improve relationships, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

Need more help convincing your manager? We’d be happy to provide additional information. Just drop us an email at


Lasso CRM for online sales

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