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As we all know, virtual sales presentations have become the ‘new normal’ in 2020. In virtual sales presentations you must still go through the same steps that you would in a face-to-face sales presentation. However, in a virtual presentation you also need to understand how to properly set the stage and communicate with your prospects. And, surprisingly, communicating is not all about what you actually say. In fact, communication is 7% VERBAL (what you say) and 93% NON-VERBAL (how you say it).

Here are five tips to help you improve your presentation skills in the virtual world.

1. It is very important to ask your prospect how much time they have for the call, and then set expectations. If you do this, you won’t feel like you have to rush. People naturally feel like they need to hurry and get off the phone. What are you trying to accomplish during the call? Set a physical appointment? Sell a home? Take a home site reservation?

2. Spend ample time at the beginning to build rapport. Use the prospect’s name often. Ask FORD questions (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams) to break the ice and gather information to use throughout the presentation.

3. Involve and engage the prospect. Don’t just talk at them. Make them a part of the presentation. Ask for their input. Use plenty of trial closes and ask open ended questions. How does this feel to you? How would you use this space? Which would you prefer? Model A or B?

4. Make eye contact throughout the presentation. Look directly at the camera, not at yourself. Use small hand gestures for emphasis, but don’t overdo it. Keep your hands close to your body and away from the camera. Nod in agreement occasionally and slow down when speaking.

5. Make sure your prospect is able to turn on their camera. It is just as important that you see your prospect’s non-verbal communication. If necessary, send them step by step instructions in advance of the call.

About the author…

As Sales Coach & National Trainer for Melinda Brody & Company, one of the nation’s leading video mystery shopping organization, Leah Turner has coached and trained thousands of new home sales and real estate professionals providing ways to improve and enhance their presentations and increase sales.

Engaging, educational and always entertaining, Leah is a sought after speaker and has presented at numerous national/regional conferences and builder’s associations in addition to conducting private workshops and training programs for home builders across the country.

Leah’s experience and expertise in coaching, training, and sales management gives her the competitive edge needed to deliver impactful, content rich programs to sales and real estate professionals. Her delivery, format, and humor leave her audiences empowered, motivated and ready to take their professional and personal life to the next level.


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