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Top OSC Productivity Apps for 2018

The digital world can be chaotic for an Online Sales Counselor. Emails, texts, meeting requests, live chats, notifications, reminders…the list goes on. Not to mention phone calls! Being productive is a common resolution; we all want to do more in less time.

How do we filter and streamline all this “noise” so we can be productive yet still respond quickly to prospects and team members? We’ve come up with a list of five productivity apps that real OSCs use and recommend to help you be more productive in 2018!




This is meant to be a scheduling app for customers, but OSC Diana Walton with Hartford Homes uses it with her internal team. They can block out a chunk of her time (based on her pre-selected availability) to talk or get help. Both she and the person who requests her time get customizable reminders. Plus, it integrates with thousands of services using Zapier.


2. FollowUpThen


Lauren Ruggiero with Kimberley Homes uses FollowUpThen to keep her inbox organized. She no longer has to maintain folders within folders, a labeling system, or the dreaded “mark it unread” method of email organization. With this app, she simply forwards the email to herself, and sets a date for when she wants to receive it again. No more having to remember to revisit important emails.


3. Crystal


This app could save you time when following up with leads. Crystal uses the DISC personality assessment to help you understand your prospects better so you can communicate with them more effectively via email, meetings and conversations. Lasso’s Director of Sales, Sara Williams, is a fan.


4. TeamUp


Mary Katherine Alexander with Beacon New Homes uses the TeamUp app for centralized scheduling for her entire team. The group can share plans, schedule events and communicate statuses – with no double booking or syncing disparate calendars.


5. CallRail


This is an OSC favorite and used by many in the industry. We even mentioned it in last year’s article, “6 Tools of the Trade for an Online Sales Counselor.” The phone service tracks calls from individual marketing sources, automatically records calls for later reference and training purposes, and can filter callers by their reason for calling (make appointment, speak with an agent, etc.).


As home builders and developers devote more resources to capturing the online prospect, Online Sales Counselors will become more inundated with requests and information. Use these five apps to organize your work day so that you are more empowered and productive. As Lasso’s Sara Williams says, “Run the day so the day does not run you!”


Can you think of any other must-have productivity apps? Please share in the comments below.


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