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Whether you are a long-time user or just getting up to speed, Lasso is a powerful CRM filled with functionality–lead collection and management, email automation, website tracking, inventory control, contracts…the list goes on. With so much available, I thought I’d share five productivity features in Lasso that you may be missing out on:

 1. Automatically Populate Your Facebook Leads in Lasso

With 2 billion people on Facebook, this is one social medium that’s an essential part of the marketing strategy for new home builders and developers.

If you’re not there, you should be. And if you’re there, you should definitely try out Facebook Lead Ads to collect leads for your current and upcoming communities and projects directly from this social network.

For those using Facebook Lead Ads, we provide you with the functionality to automatically populate those leads into Lasso, so there is no need to manually enter them. They come into your system just like leads from your website.

2. Send an RSVP or Ask a Question

Whether you’re collecting a response to an event or asking a few questions, send your next email using Lasso’s Self-Serve Registration Update (SSRU). When your prospect clicks on the SSRU link, their responses are automatically populated in Lasso. You can then create a custom list and quickly see who is attending your event or has answered your survey questions.

Another good use for the SSRU is cleaning up your database. Incorrect contact information looks bad when sending emails, so using SSRU is a great way for your contacts to update their information and keep your database clean.

3. Send an Appointment Reminder via Text Message

Sending an appointment reminder via text is a relatively new feature in Lasso. Now, you can schedule a reminder SMS (text message) to be sent to your prospect and their agent(s) an hour before the appointment. This is a custom message for the prospect, and the agent receives a copy

When you create the appointment, simply check the “Schedule SMS Reminders” box. Your prospect will be sent the reminder an hour before the scheduled appointment.

4. Auto-Update Your Follow-up Processes via Your Sign-up Forms

As you know, the goal of a sales process is to move the prospect along to the next step in the buyer’s journey. Lasso allows you to create an automated set of activities so you can efficiently follow up with prospects as they progress through the sales cycle. You can create triggers that allow for a set of activities to be created for a prospect.

To make the process even more efficient, you can add a specific follow-up ID to the code on your contact form page. Now when someone signs up on your website, the follow-up process is automatically triggered. Your prospects will receive the right process immediately.

5. Remove a Group of Contacts from a List

Understanding the art of list-building is essential for any marketer. Since it’s important to send relevant emails that your prospects will want to read, building your list correctly is an important first step.

Sometimes when you’re sending to a larger list, you know there is a subset of contacts that really shouldn’t receive the email. You may have sent an email yesterday to part of the list, or your list just needs to be segmented a little further to improve the precision so it’s relevant.

So…what do you do?

The Remove from Group functionality gives you the ability to take out a large group of contacts without having to deselect them one-by-one from your custom list. This gives you flexibility, plus contacts in your database will appreciate not being bombarded with too many emails! For more information, check out the Lasso Help files or contact

(BTW, this kind of list building is not to be confused with cleaning up the emails in your database–check out this excellent blog for more detail about list clean up).


If you’re currently a Lasso client looking for more information about any of the above, check out the help files or contact support.  If you’re not, and you like what you see, contact us for more information.

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