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A lot has been written about how consumer behavior has shifted, but very little about how A.I. has driven this shift. Algorithms will only become more central to how marketers connect with prospects and customers – and that has big implications to the structure of the modern marketing department. Over the next 3 to 5 years, advertising’s ability to interrupt people with irrelevant messages will decline significantly. The algorithms tasked with creating the best possible user experiences will not let you ruin things by spending 42 cents on an ad. Those days are numbered. Content in context of what the user needs or wants will reign supreme.

This shift will force three big changes to how marketing departments function:

  • Having someone in charge, at minimum, of content curation (if not outright creation) on staff will become commonplace.
  • Marketing technologists will bridge the gap between I.T., marketing, and operations by aligning all three using data and technology to accelerate learning and adoption of the latest advances. Most I.T. departments were originally designed to keep servers running – not execute on the kind of revolutionary operational changes needed over the next decade. Most marketers don’t truly understand the capability of technology or are able to clearly communicate with engineers. The marketing technologist role will shepherd the companies through the digital revolution with much greater success.
  • Ownership of all advertising and data creating accounts will be non-negotiables as privacy concerns continue to grow. You will also need to become much more cautious with whom you share your data with when running ads or managing your website. Not having direct control means that at any moment you could become unable to access the data or recover it.

Algorithms will play an oversized role in marketing and sales effectiveness each year. It is time to deeply consider how marketing departments structures and deliverables will continue to evolve as a result.

About the author…

Kevin Oakley Do You ConvertKevin Oakley has over 15 years of experience running marketing and sales operations for home builders of all shapes, sizes, and areas of expertise. Kevin has worked for two different multi-billion dollar revenue builders (NVR & Maronda Homes) as well as for a private family owned builder (Heartland Homes). While at Heartland Homes, Kevin’s management helped to grow sales by 15-20% each year during the largest industry downturn of this generation (2008 – 2012) while simultaneously shrinking the marketing budget by over one million dollars. During his time with NVR, a top 5 home builder, Kevin had full operational responsibility for land, construction, and sales for two home building divisions in the Pittsburgh MSA with 85 employees and $140 million in revenue.
Kevin’s extensive background and time spent in the trenches allows him to uniquely connect with the challenges you face in today’s market. From launching new communities, increasing online lead volume or conversion, improving your customer’s experience, lowering marketing costs, web design, and so much more – he has a strategy for success. Kevin speaks regularly at the International Builder’s Show as well as select local home building associations and home building companies looking to gain an edge over the competition. Kevin is also the author of Presale Without Fail: The Secret to Launching New Communities with Maximum Results, and hosts the Market Proof Marketing podcast.

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