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2015 Homebuilder Must-Reads from Lasso

New home sales is a unique industry, and though it falls under the greater real estate umbrella, there are nuances that determine whether or not one is successful. How do I sell an unfinished community? How do I present options and upgrades for maximum profitability? How do I attract new home buyers?

Luckily for us, some of the brightest minds in sales and marketing offer their expertise and services to our industry specifically.

Below is Lasso’s list of 2015 homebuilder must-reads. The authors of these books have years of experience in new home sales, with the success stories to prove it.


Presale Without Fail by Kevin OakleyPresale Without Fail v2.0
Kevin Oakley
Free Download for Limited Time

Originally written in 2011, this all new expanded and updated 2.0 version goes even further in-depth! This amazing resource has already been downloaded thousands of times by real estate professionals all over the world. Learn the secret to launching new communities and phases with maximum results! Stop leaving your new community grand openings to chance. No matter what kind of project you are about to break ground on, you’ll want to have this book by your side.

Kevin breaks down his process from beginning to end so that nothing is left to chance. New home sales is often a game of momentum. Why leave it to chance? Grab this book and get ready for sales to take off! Available for a limited time as a free download.

Download the e-book here.


Think Retail by Kerry MulcroneThink Retail: Model Home, Model Store 2.0 ed.
Kerry Mulcrone

Think Retail: Model Home Model Store 2.0 edition is a refreshed, reorganized and renewed volume for anyone related to the home building and buying industries. If you are a professional in the new home industry or related services, you can increase your leads and close sales with a simple concept: THINK RETAIL. Discover how retailers address every stage of the customer’s decision making process with tried and true techniques to engage shoppers in an experience that drives them to buy. View your plans and practices through the eyes of your customer and watch your professional and personal profits grow. Whether you are a new home builder or entrepreneur you can close the sale with “THINK RETAIL”.

Purchase the book here.


Social Media 3.0 by Carol MorganSocial Media 3.0: It’s Easier Than You Think
Carol Morgan

The updated edition of Social Media 3.0 includes even more practical ideas, offers more examples from real businesses, and shows how to work smarter, not harder, by using social media. This comprehensive resource includes sample monthly plans for maintaining a social media presence, discusses the results of real, effective social media campaigns and offers new tips on

  • Creating effective mobile websites
  • Using the latest Facebook features
  • Avoiding Panda and Penguin traps
  • Engaging your markets using Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Foursquare, Houzz, Linkedin, and other sites
  • Getting started with Podcasting
  • Running fun contests affordably

Purchase the book here.

Be sure and pick up these books today to enhance your 2015 sales and marketing plan!

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