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17 Things We Learned in 2017


Each year we learn more and strive to do better than the year before, and 2017 was no exception. This was a great year for the Lasso Team, and for many of our clients and partners as well. We thought we’d sum it all up in 17 things we learned in 2017.


1) We keep great company.

Earlier this year, we were proud to share that four of the 10 most productive builders in the U.S. are Lasso Clients! Congrats to Bloomfield Homes, The New Home Company, Caviness & Cates and CBH Homes for making The Builder 100’s Most Productive Firms.

And just this month, Dunhill Homes was named 7th fastest growing privately held company in all of Dallas, TX. They have grown 96% in just two years – incredible!



2) The BuilderTech cocktail reception at IBS get better each year.

We had a blast last year in Orlando, and expect 2018 to be even better! Here’s a fun video we made from BuilderTech 2017. (If you’re interested in attending the 2018 event, email Angela McKay).


3) People still like webinars.

We had a record-breaking Lasso Webinar this year when Mike Lyon and Kevin Oakley presented “The Modern Prospect’s Journey: Are You Keeping Up?” 557 people registered!


4) Millennials think buying a home is a good idea.

In fact, 34 percent of Americans aged 18-24 years think owning a home is necessary to live the American Dream. Thanks to Zillow Group for sharing this and more interesting stats in the webinar, “Economic Outlook: Where the Housing Market is Headed.


5) The phone call is a lost art (and shouldn’t be).

Ninety-one percent of the top 50 home builders in 2017 did not call an online lead, even when a phone number was provided. This was a tough pill to swallow – but something we learned nonetheless. This stat is from The 2017 Home Builder Follow-Up Survey, jointly produced by Lasso and Do You Convert.


6) Home builders are realizing the power of an online sales team.

Looks like point #5 was a learning experience for all. This year, we have seen more home builders invest in an online sales counselor than ever, and companies with existing OSCs are expanding their teams. A few of the top OSCs in the nation joined us for a webinar, “Is It Time to Grow Your Online Sales Team?” to give pointers and share their experiences.

CBH Homes’ Online Sales Team


7) A pre-defined sales process continues to be the gold standard.

There’s no shortcut. If you want to see improved lead-to-sale conversions, you must follow up consistently and effectively with every single lead. Luckily, Lasso makes this easy, and some of our clients are seeing upward of 50% online lead to appointment conversion ratios. To help get you started, we put together the guide, Creating Follow-Up Processes to Engage Your Home Buyer Prospects.


8) Augmented Reality is the next big thing.

AR for new home sales and marketing has been in the works for a while, but builders are now implementing it! Check out the cool work that Rendering House is doing.

Full-scale AR house by Rending House


9) Millennials are changing the communication game.

It’s no secret that Millennials are the most technologically connected generation of our time. They are products of the Participation Age and expect organizations to be just as fast and responsive as they are. In the webinar, “How to Market to Millennial Home Buyers,” Group Two Advertising’s Andy Bergren laid the blueprint for success.


10) Sales success and marathon running have a lot in common.

We were thrilled to present a webinar this year with one of the great Canadian Olympic marathoners, Dylan Wykes. In “A Disciplined Approach to Sales,” Dylan and Dave Betcher discussed what sales professionals can learn from the training process of marathon runners. Also, Lasso’s Angela McKay penned an article for Meredith Oliver’s blog titled, “How Marathon Training Helps Me Do My Job” – a great read!


11) People like us, they really do!

Lasso was voted “Favorite or Most Often Used Software Program” for new home sale by readers of Professional Builder  for the magazine’s 2017 Builder Technology and Social Media Survey. Thanks for your vote!


12) It feels good to grow.

Lasso was included in Business in Vancouver’s 2017 100 Fastest Growing Companies in British Columbia!


13) We have awesome industry partners.

We are proud to partner with the best trainers and consultants in the industry. Here are photo recaps from just a few of the events we sponsored this year:

The Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Summit

Do You Covert’s Online Sales & Marketing Summit

Angela McKay, Jeff Shore, Dave Betcher


14) Slow traffic doesn’t have to mean slow sales.

When traffic is light, start mining your database – there’s gold in there! Review where your prospects are in the sales process, send personalized messages, implement re-engagement campaigns, develop incentives based on prospects’ interests – there’s so much you can do with the leads you already have. Kevin Oakley discussed it in the Professional Builder article, “Need more leads? Think again.” Ralph Williams also recently spoke about it in the Lasso webinar, “Managing Yourself to Greater and Consistent Sales Success.”


15) Meredith Oliver is a best-selling rock star.

We knew she was a star before her latest book, FANtatstic Selling, was published earlier this year. But her book now has 29 five-star reviews on – which elevates her to “rock star” status! It’s definitely worth a read as you set personal goals for 2018.


16) Amazing things happen when two forces unite.

We were delighted to hear the news of Myers Barnes taking the reins at Builder Designs. As a result, they have expanded their builder services, now offering sales training in additional to award-winning websites, digital marketing, and more.


17) We have wonderful clients!

Of course, we already knew this. But we are humbled that many of our clients took time to speak so well of Lasso in our latest round of client testimonials and success stories. It’s a privilege to work with all of you, and we truly see ourselves as a partner, fully committed to your success!


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