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10 Ideas to Jump Start Your Homebuilder BlogYou’ve heard blogging is a bid deal if you want to increase web traffic. But why? In a nutshell, Google’s (and other search engines’) algorithms give more weight to web pages that are constantly updated with relevant, informative material. The easiest way to do this is to blog frequently and regularly.

While blogging a couple times a week is ideal, that doesn’t always work for busy new home marketing pros. Find a schedule that works for you so that the material you do post is meaningful to your audience. A reasonable goal is once per week.

So now you ask – what should I blog about? We recently came across the Social Media Examiner article, 10 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Blog Post, and thought it worked perfectly for homebuilders! Here are their recommendations:


1) Answer Common Questions

These could be about your community’s features and amenities, location or school district.

2) Create a “How To” Post

One idea is to take buyers through the new home pre-sales process, similar to what Myers Barnes did in the article, Sell a Community Before the Walls Are Up.

3) Make an Announcement

A new model release, grand opening, updated incentives, construction update, homeowners’ event, etc.

4) Host a Q&A

Consider interviewing a top sales agent, or even the CEO of your company. It brings a personal touch to your blog.

5) Feature an Employee

Allow your audience to get to know your team by doing a feature piece on one or more employees. Turn it into a series.

6) Review a New Product

Did your design team just install new energy-efficient light fixtures? Have you added a “smart” feature to your homes, such as iPhone controlled lights and thermostat? Write about it!

7) Compare Products

Compare and contrast two communities, especially two that have distinct features or amenities. Show that you have a diverse selection of homes available.

8) Educate Customers

The possibilities here are endless. The mortgage process, first-time homebuyers, traffic patterns for commuters…

9) Compile Top 10 Lists

Top 10 energy-saving tips, top 10 gardening tips, top 10 weather-proofing tips, etc. (Your blog can also appeal to homeowners.)

10) Repurpose YouTube Videos

Videos are great to generate web traffic, and you should definitely incorporate them into your website. These can be professionally done, or just a quick video with your iPad showing off a newly built home.


Need more content marketing ideas? Check out the webinar we just completed with Meredith OliverContent is King: Drive More Traffic, Leads and Sales with Content Marketing.

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